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bullett Author
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bullett Expert in organisational culture - including the globally acclaimed UGRs® (Unwritten Ground Rules) concept and creating a genuine service ethic.

Steve Simpson CSP is an author, consultant and international speaker who heads up Keystone Management Services based in Australia. He has spoken to audiences in Australia, the UK, the US, New Zealand, Dubai, Tanzania, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Ghana and South Africa.
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Cracking the Corporate Culture Code

Organisational culture is the invisible but undeniable force that shapes people's behaviour in any organisation. Nothing is more important, nothing can be more potent than an organisation's culture - it is the key determinant of the performance of any work team or business.

When the culture is right , an organisation has a significant competitive advantage that is impossible to replicate. While systems and products can be copied, culture cannot. Up to now, managers have been aware of the concept of organisational culture, but because of a number of reasons have felt powerless to change it.

A new concept changes all that. UGRs® are what really drive business performance.

Over the past few years, much has been learned about the power of Unwritten Ground Rules  or UGRs® and how these fundamentally impact on the performance of an organisation. In essence, UGRs® enable people to understand organisational culture in simple and practical terms.

Most importantly, that understanding leads to the ability to manage and improve UGRs
® - to manage and improve the organisation s culture.

His Second book titled 'UGRs: Cracking the Corporate Culture Code' has been acclaimed globally.


"Steve Simpson's presentation I consider to be one of the best that I have ever seen, not only in Australia but around the world" - Judge John Gotjamanus

We had Steve speak on cultural change a year ago in London and he went down an absolute storm.  People LOVED him and I very much enjoyed working with him...he was very professional, conscientious and amiable. His 'thing' is what he has termed the Unwritten Ground Rules of organisations and he gives people a blueprint of how to tap into what is really going on in an organisation in order to achieve effective change.... . Anita Cox Conference Developer CPID, UK

"Australia's leading corporate culture authority" UK based e-Customer Service World

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About Steve

Steve Simpson is an international speaker, consultant and author based in Queensland, Australia. Described by UK based e-Customer Service World as Australia s leading corporate culture authority ,
Steve has created the concept of UGRs® which is receiving global acclaim as a tool to understand and improve organisational culture.

He has recently spoken at the Regional Conference for the Academy of Chief Executives in London, and the International Leadership Symposium in Johannesburg. He is the author of two books and a contributing author to a further two books.

Steve has been accredited as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the highest speaker distinction.

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