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Lyall Lukey is the Managing Director of Lukey Resources and the originator and co-ordinator of both Smartnet and the Education Leaders Forum. He is also a stimulating speaker and expert facilitator.
customised presentations and workshops will energise your people and provide them with practical resources
Ph 033228293; Cell 021310808
Malcolm Bell  is a practiced, accomplished facilitator and leader, sought after for his innate ability to put everybody at ease and help people find innovative solutions to challenges and opportunities. He is a truly collaborative leader who strongly believes that organisations have answers to their challenges and opportunities already within their own ranks. His expertise is bringing these answers out and moving an organisation on. His friendly disposition coupled with a keen, self-deprecating sense of humour, creates a positive, can-do atmosphere and prevents tension getting in the way of progress. ...more>

Sue Mardon is the administrator for Lukey Resources Ltd and SmartNet.  She has a background in social service work and teacher aiding with special needs and behaviour students.  Sue has run her own educational toy business and has been involved in many community groups including plunket, toy library, school PTA, Guides and sporting clubs.
Phone 0274911283