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key John Shackelton

johnshackeltonCareer Highlights:

 bullet Voted 2007 Speaker of the year by the National Speakers Association NZ.

 bullet Creating a UK-based training company that turned over more than 1,000,000 a year.

bullet Coaching 3 New Zealanders that competed at the Beijing Olympics.    

Drawing on his business experience from developing a 1,000,000 company, John gets international audiences to exercise the biggest 'muscle' in the body - the brain. His past clients include: Air New Zealand, Coca-Cola, Hyundai, Honda, Renault, Westpac Bank, ANZ Bank, National Bank, Tower Insurance, AMP, AXA, Canon, Sharp, Kodak, Avon, Amway, Burger King, Subway and more.

Before he became an inspirational speaker and business coach, John was a top sports coach in the UK, working with the British Triathlon team for 2 years, coaching them to become European Champions. Now when working with private and public sector clients, John utilises principles he learned from sports psychology helping his clients to implement them into their business and personal lives. In 2007/8 he worked with 3 Kiwi s helping them in their bid to qualify for the Beijing Olympic games. All three were successful olympions two achieving top 10 places.

John says, "My passion is showing people that self-limitation is what holds us back. Sport psychology teaches us about self-belief and how important it is for achieving peak performance. All we need to do is to apply the techniques that sports people use to our work and personal lives. Applying these techniques means achieving so much more."

John fully understands the process of developing self-belief and claiming control over ones' attitude, confidence and focus for peak performance. He also has an intimate knowledge of how these factors contribute to success. John has recently achieved sporting success after realising that it was low self-esteem that held him back in his youth - not ability. At the age of 50, John is swimming faster than he was as a teenager training full-time.

As an adult, John has experienced an enlightening and exhilarating journey towards TOP international sporting achievement. His journey culminated in a top five placing in both the 100m & 400m Freestyle events at the 2000 World Masters Swimming Championships in Munich. John's life experience makes him a unique and powerful motivational speaker who never uses trite textbook theory.

" audience with John Shackleton will seriously improve your life! John's techniques are both simple and groundbreaking. We already have an incredibly high performing leadership team so to be able to challenge the way we think and therefore act differently was quite simply brilliant. I've personally benefited from the self-actualisation cycle and pre-play visualisation." Vanessa Miller, Head of Customer Services, EFTPOS New Zealand

2008 saw the publication of John s first book which became a best seller before it reached the shelves! Life is for Living is a book about health and fitness and although aimed at the baby boomer and senior market relates to everyone s quest for a better life. John says As we get older we ought to spend more time on our health and fitness but most people spend less and less and by the time they reach middle age the majority of people have an appaling diet and are doing little or no exercise. Having the right attitude towards health and fitness is so important  I m not saying you can think yourself thin or fit but I do believe that the most people use the wrong mental approach and many give up completely 

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