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key Ed Bernacki

bullet  Director, The Idea Factory 
bullet  Innovation Consultant
bullet  Author of "Wow! That's A Great Idea!"        

Latest articles include:
Why Design Thinking Matters
Unlimited Magazine - regular innovation column from New Zealand
Exactly what is 'thinking outside the box" - my most quoted article ever!
Managing Cash Flows and Idea Flows - my regular column For New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

Canada-based Ed Bernacki is an international speaker, writer and consultant on the use of innovation in organisations. He developed and is a director of the Idea Factory.

He is the author of "Wow! That's A Great Idea!" - a guide for executives wanting to find more and bigger ideas in their organisations.

He also created the Conference Navigator Guide - a tool kit for conferences and workshops and is the author of over 70 articles on innovation including 25 for The NBR and 15 for Venture.

He is an Innovation Learning Partner for the Canadian Centre for Management Development.

Ed regularly runs innovation workshops for organisations around the world. During his career, he has built a reputation as an authority on innovation within the public sector. He has developed innovation guides and trained staff for both the Canadian Federal Government and the Singaporean Government. He lived in New Zealand from 1990 to 2000 and is an MBA Graduate from the University of Otago.

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Hear Ed's 30 minute TV program that was filmed in NZ in Hawkes Bay TV...there are three segments for his interview:

Watch Ed Bernacki on Canada 2020: fostering innovation

Ed has recently  completed workshops for the innovation team at the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Melbourne - Read more

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