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key What did past participants say about FOCUS 

"...FOCUS provides tools of goal-setting not dealt with elsewhere." Accountant

"Time out to re-evaluate directions and goals". Chartered Accountant

"Potential for practical use unlimited..." Real Estate Agent

"Great ideas - well founded and superbly expressed. Helped me to 'focus'..." Graduate

"I can see goals in black and white clearly whereas before I was thinking in a fragmented way." Teacher

"Wonderful content... the most important thing running through all the sessions was the practicability of them." Insurance Agent

"Content was excellent... presentation very relaxed, open. Encourages communication." Salesman

"Great ideas - well founded and superbly expressed. Helped me to 'focus'..." Graduate
"... clarifies in practical terms where your desire and aims lie." Account Executive

"Excellent, thought-provoking, stimulating." Senior Police Officer

"Unlike most courses I've seen, this workshop kept my interest. I found it practical and 'down to earth'." Branch Manager

"I found the course stimulating and a good starting point for my personal development." Director

"Resources were excellent, enjoyed the programme. Concept of balance was excellent." Assistant Personal Manager

"I found the programme excellent and learnt a great deal. Gave me a great incentive to achieve." Agent

"Excellent and well presented. Thoroughly enjoyed the total day." House Manager

"It gave me the ability to attain the goals that up toll now have been a confused mass in my mind." General Manager

"I feel this has been the most profitable day I have had for quite some time." Valuer

"I've always known what I should be doing but never shown exactly how to do it." Insurance Agent

"Enjoyed the programme very much. Has provided me the motivation I need." Representative

"It has allowed me to focus on areas that up until now have caused me to go off track." Agent

"It would be very surprising if people don't gain a lot of useful ideas and the training manual is excellent." Sales Consultant

"What marvellous potential you have opened my eyes to by using the concept 'accomplishing more by doing less'." Salesman

"I did enjoy the programme - excellent resources." Agent

"Thought provoking - strong potential - requires self-discipline." Marketing Manager

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