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key Lyall Lukey

M.A. (Hons), Dip.Tchg., AFNZIM

lyallbullet Ideas catalyst and thought leader
bullet Speaker and facilitator
bullet Leadership events planner and co-ordinator
bullet Accelerated Strategic Planning Facilitator

Lyall Lukey is the Managing Director of Lyall Lukey Resources Ltd and the originator of the FOCUS Goal-setting Programme.  He also the originator and co-ordinator of SmartNet and the convener of five annual Seismics and the City events and also since 2007, the annual Education Leaders Forum.

Lyall Lukey is a witty and insightful speaker whose customised presentations and workshops include: Seismics and the City, Focus on Your Future, The Forgotten Hero: Shackleton's Kiwi Captain, Leading Thinking-Cultivating Change, The Teamwork Experience, The C21 SalesQuest, Knowledge Navigators in a New World, Vision to Strategy...more>

He has a unique background spanning the academic and business worlds. His MA Honours thesis was entitled Industrial Conflict in New Zealand. He is a former secondary school teacher and Visiting Teaching Fellow at the University of Canterbury. lyallcycling

Since 1987, Lukey Resources Ltd has worked with client organisations to enhance their intangible assets - especially what their people know and do - through knowledge sharing, leadership training and coaching. The company also designs multimedia learning resources and has an extensive library of video and digital resources for the use of its national and international team of speakers, trainers, facilitators and coaches. 

The SmartNet initiative, which he started in 1997, helps foster innovation and create new global opportunities for New Zealand enterprises. SmartNet has an extensive database of New Zealand based and international consultants and experts.

Lyall was on the Board of Cholmondeley Children's Home between 1987 and 2007 and President from 2001 to 2005. He is a life member of Cholmondeley and is now on the Board of the Cholmondeley Children's Foundation. He is a former National President and now a Life Member of the service club Round Table New Zealand and is a member of the Rotary Club of Christchurch Sunrise and a Paul Harris Fellow.

He is a keen slow touring cyclist and social cricketer. 
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He is also a regular blogger at           Lake Taupo Challenge 2007        

Lyall's Top Skills-per unsolicited LinkedIn ranking by 1st connections as at 6/10/15*
64 Leadership
53 Public Speaking
44 Training
43 Workshop Facilitation
30 Event Management
28 Coaching

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