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...unlike conventional assets, knowledge grows when it is shared." Dr Karl-Erik Sveiby

A new business strategy for volatile times won't work unless you develop a people strategy. 

The keys to surviving and thriving are what your people know and do and how well they collaborate. 

Lukey Resources helps organizations grow their people and their business.

Financial results are only the scorecard for the business.  They are not what really engages and motivates your people and opens their minds to new possibilities.

The bottom line is that to add real value you need to be more focused on people than numbers.

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Education Leaders Forum 25&26 August 2015, Auckland
Brain Changing & Mind Shifting - Neuroscience insights into learning and leading

The Challenge of Change

Learn to handle change and mange stress more effectively
In House workshops available


Collaborative Opportunities
Are you underemployed or retired or semi-retired, but feel that you would rather be re-tyred so that you can share your brainpower, skills and experience? 

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