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 key Anne Riches

Anne is the Founder of The Riches Group Pty Ltd (TRG) established in 1996. Using evidence-based strategies, TRG specializes in working with leaders to implement organisational change faster and more effectively with minimum disruption, and maximum buy-in.

She is a pioneer in exploring the crossover between the fruitful fields of Leadership, Neuroscience and Change and communicating insights and practical resources to bring about positive change in business organisations and learning communities.

Anne's speciality is Change Leadership, with a focus on the change leader's personal journey to doing that well. It starts with an awareness of what is going on from the neuroscience perspective, then looking at the key personal skills change leaders must have to 'be the change they want to see it the world'.

With this personalised approach her work usually has huge impact on those who lead change and those who are impacted by it. It also draws on the intelligent use of emotions. Anne's particular interest is enhancing managers' effectiveness through brain-based leadership development programs, presentations and mentoring. To do this, Anne draws on the latest research and discoveries in neuroscience and combines this with her wealth of practical experience. Initially a barrister and legal academic, Anne's breadth and depth of insight comes from working for over 30 years with an extensive international client base including airlines, agribusiness, finance, defense, aerospace systems, multi-beverage, health, legal and property development.

Anne holds two degrees with honours in law, and two postgraduate qualifications, one in change management. She has been awarded Fellow status of AICD, AIM, AHRI and AITD. She has authored two books, co-authored four others and has written over 300 publications on a range of subjects including organizational change, leadership, human resources management and organizational development.

Anne has received various awards including the Nevin Award, the highest honor bestowed by the National Speakers Association of Australia for excellence with service.

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