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"We think that what is necessary today is a strategy that breaks free of static plans to be adaptive and directive, that emphasizes learning and control, and that reclaims the value of strategic thinking for the world that now surrounds us."
Dana O'Donovan & Noah Rimland Flower

If you need to rethink, refocus or refresh your business or project strategy then our facilitated Accelerated Strategic Planning process will help recalibrate your organisation's purpose, focus and direction.

The ASP process really engages your people to produce the first iteration of an action-ready business strategy or project plan in less than 8 hours, over several sessions.

The process incorporates the powerful Accelerated Planning Technique (APT), developed by Andrew Smith and inspired by NASA's approach to planning. This uses a clever on-screen programme to capture and sort input and feedback in real time. It ensures that a clear vision is crystallised before there is any work done on higher level strategies or lower level operational planning.

The sequence is the secret. You will be able to first convert woolly ideas into a clear vision, then develop appropriate strategies and decisive action plans while generating buy-in to your key goals.

Feedback and Adaptation

"The essence of feedback is that the effect of an action is fed back to alter that action." Edward de Bono

The key to the Accelerated Strategic Planning process as an adaptive strategic navigation guide is that it produces a living document, not a vellum bound "strategy" frozen in time. The APT digital template, which is an essential tool in an ongoing process, can be continually adapted as a result of feedback and appropriate course corrections made. Agility is not enough if you are heading in the wrong direction.

Thinking Outside The Square
  "To raise new questions, new problems, to regard old problems from a new angle requires creative imagination and makes real advances".
Albert Einstein

Client Feedback

"Hi Lyall,
…I thought your workshop session was aptly focussed, well presented, and provided the catalyst to energise the members to participate in the development of a future planning document for the ICS. I acknowledge that the scope of task may have been challenging with the time constraints of the day. Despite only having a brief introduction in order for you to get to grips with the history and background of the ICS, your initial "change" presentation set the scene, and the accelerated planning technique was perfect for our situation. I am confident that using the document structure you have initiated, the ICS can take a large step in the right direction."

"…I will endeavour to populate your initial draft of the 2025 Vision document over the next few days with the additional notes compiled and collected. This should then provide a good base document for the ICS to use going forward. I think we will also need to re-visit it yearly to judge our progression, and tweak our goals…."

Brent George
On behalf of the ICS Executive Team
[The Institute of Cadastral Surveying Inc.]

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