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key Sylvia Lukey

sylviabullett Director, Lyall Lukey Resources Ltd
bullett Programme Co-ordinator, SmartNet
bullett IP President of the University of Canterbury Alumni Association

Sylvia completed a B.Sc. degree at Canterbury University in 1996, majoring in psychology.

She has a strong interest in people and the valuing and continued education of people. She firmly believes that education for work and life is a never ending cycle and the potential of most people is not fully realised. 
Sylvia has a strong background in community service and has been involved in many community committees including teaching adult reading and setting up and organising community centre programmes. She is a past community member of the District Executive of the Social Welfare Department (an appointment by the Minister of Social Welfare), and a past community member of the Riccarton/Wigram Hilary Funding committee (a City Council appointment).

She was the recipient in 1995 of a Community Service Award from the Riccarton/Wigram Community Board.

She is currently on the Kennedys Bush Road Neighbourhood Association and is a past President.

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