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Wow! The Idea Factory


Ed Bernacki started his concept of the Idea Factory in 1996. 

The Idea Factory Is...

 A management philosophy that stresses the development of ideas and innovation as the key to business growth.
 A system that instils an equal sense of urgency to create revenue opportunities and to solve business problems.
 A tool kit to improve brainstorming by focusing on reaching a particular "result".

The Reason for the Idea Factory

Ed Bernacki believes that most "good" business ideas already exist in the heads of staff, suppliers or customers. However, few businesses use a system to leverage the knowledge that exists or to enhance it further. As a result, many ideas remain buried and often stifled.

Why an Idea "Factory"?

The Idea Factory is an easy-to-understand metaphor to show the need to focus ideas in order to achieve results:
you need raw materials eg time, a challenge, energy
you need to process the raw materials eg brainstorming tools to create value
you need to produce a result and ship it out the door eg the idea, an action plan

What Can The Results Be?

The Idea Factory is a step-by-step process to teach businesses how to find ideas and turn them into profitable results, be this to:
 solve business problems - reduce shipping errors and damage
 create business opportunities - identify new markets or strategies
 prepare the business for the future - re-invent the business


Venture Magazine Articles
by Ed Bernacki (336KB)

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