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  • "... Focus provides tools of goal-setting not dealt with elsewhere."

    "... clarifies in practical terms where your desire and aims lie."
    Account Executive

    "Time out to re-evaluate directions and goals".
    Chartered Accountant

    "It gave me the ability to attain the goals that up till now have been a confused mass in my mind."
    General Manager

    "SilverFocus provides Third Age navigation tools for those who may be approaching retirement or those who want to be "retyred" ie get new life traction and work satisfaction through sharing their knowledge, skills and experience with younger colleagues in order to benefit the organisation."

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Providing a new lease of life for those in your organisation who may be thinking about retirement or who want to be "re-tyred."

Fuzzy goals? 
Time to re-focus?

Next 1 Day Open Workshop

Date: Thursday 26th October 2017
Venue: Executive Seminar Suite,
Massey University, Wellington Campus, Wallace St, Mount Cook

R55: Suitable for mature people onlyl

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Focus Areas

bullet Focus on your Third Age bullet Set and get new goals
bullet Share your knowledge bullet Coach colleagues
bullet Tap your experience bullet Balance your life
bullet Renew motivation bullet Reduce stress
"Your ability to focus is the most important success skill you can ever develop." Brian Tracy

Creating Value

"… [organisations ] create value not from physical resources but from the intelligence and competence of people… the intangible assets and the things people know and do." Dr. Karl-Erik Sveiby

SilverFocus provides Third Age navigation tools for those who may be approaching retirement or those who want to be "retyred" ie get new life traction and work satisfaction through sharing their knowledge, skills and experience with younger colleagues in order to benefit the organisation.

The programme consists of the FOCUS Self-Manager, a takeaway toolkit for setting and getting new goals, a one day User's Workshop and online peer support for reinforcement.

The SilverFocus Workshop shows participants how to tap into the power of Imagineering and provides practical resources for achieving new personal, family and work goals appropriate to their next life passage.

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Revaluing Mature Knowledge
"Keeping active can increase your brain power". Brain power peaks in the silver set

In an age awash with data and information SilverFocus helps to revalue the worth of mature knowledge and wisdom for organisations and the wider community.

New neuroscience shows that most active older people are able to retain a highly relevant range of skills and knowledge honed by experience. Enlightened organisations understand the benefits mature people can contribute by way of strategic thinking, mentoring, coaching and knowledge sharing, especially with younger colleagues who have leadership potential.

But first they need to re-focus and get a new lease of life. Despite slower brain speed, older people are less affected by hormonal swings and solve problems more effeciently, drawing on cognitive template of how they resolved past problems.Expert knowledge, such as that associated with higher level skills, is stored in brain cells known as dendritic spines. These are a metaphorical silverlining which protects against ageing.

Workshop Outline
 "You are today where you thoughts brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you..." James Allen

The one day SilverFocus workshop is the 'user's guide' to the FOCUS Self-Manager, a goal-setting tool which helps participants escape the gravitational pull of old habits by re-orienting their thinking to their next life passage while looking for opportunities to share with younger colleagues the valuable knowledge and experience they have acquired.

The complete SilverFocus programme includes the FOCUS workshop, The FOCUS Self-Manager and on-line peer support. Together, these give you the understanding, the tools, and the reinforcement to break down challenging goals into achievable steps.

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The Focus Self-Manager

The FOCUS Self-Manager facilitates both goal-setting and goal-getting by enabling participants to crystallize goals in all areas -personal, family/social and work- and to break them down into manageable time-spans. As a big picture, goals-formatted "mini whiteboard" it complements digital devices which can handle the details of daily scheduling and activities but lack the Big Picture perspective.

>By giving you 5 yearly, yearly, monthly, weekly and daily points of focus at the appropriate times, systematic use of the Self-Manager will help you sustain motivation, budget time more effectively, balance your lifestyle and reduce stress.
> By regularly focusing on goals for the future and managing yourself more effectively now you will unlock much more of your real potential and positively shape your own future.

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Lyall Lukey is the Managing Director of Lyall Lukey Resources Ltd, est. 1987, which developed and owns the SmartNet and Silververve brands. Lyall has a unique background spanning the education and business worlds. He is a witty and insightful speaker and workshop facilitator. More..


Lyall Lukey  
MA (Hons) Dip Tchg AFNZIM

In-house FOCUS workshops 

In-house workshops can be arranged at times, venues and dates of your choice.
Lyall can also deliver a fun/active and motivation FOCUS entree  to your next conference or team meeting.
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