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Sometimes in order to really advance your top team needs to take quality time out.  A Leaders Retreat offers quality time and space for directors and senior managers to get away from the daily grind to really advance their strategic planning capability. 

We provide a fully integrated, end-to-end service, tailoring the Leaders Retreat experience to your organisation's individual needs with expert planning and facilitation, including:

bullet skilled consultation in advance to determine your business' needs, priorities and focus

bullet facilitated collaborative thinking tools to identify and explore complex issues using our Living Organisation process

bullet medium and long-range 'futures scanning' to identify weak signals and emerging issues

bullet strategic planning tools such the Accelerated Planning Technique that enable 'big picture' thinking to be harnessed and actioned

bullet fully comprehensive logistic arrangements including travel, accommodation, catering, facilities and equipment

Move beyond the more immediate issues of the day to more strategic thinking with a tailor-made experience designed to deepen the collaborative relationships in your top team and enhance your leadership capability.

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