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What is Appreciative Inquiry?

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a well-developed process for examining the people-based systems in your organisation and maximising their performance. It is about harnessing the power of all the people in your organisation.

Appreciative Inquiry seeks to build on success, as opposed to working from a problem-based perspective centred on blame and "if only". It is an approach focussed on "what's working well around here?" and how can that be improved further and applied elsewhere. Appreciatve Inquiry methodology generates energy, enthusiasm, collaboration and innovative new ways of working that come from the system itself.

During Appreciative Inquiry's 20-year history it has been studied academically and applied practically. Appreciative Inquiry has been used successfully in a variety of environments including business, health care, education and local government.

Want to know more about Appreciative Inquiry?

What will happen in the workshop?

Join Mary-Alice Arthur and gain an understanding of how a robust process of engagement works both everyday and during times of major change. You will be shown the role Appreciative Inquiry plays in culture change, merger processes, purpose definitions and team visioning as Mary-Alice introduces case studies from her work with New Zealand corporations and government. For example, she spent five months leading the Cultural Integration Team for the merger of Telecom Advanced Solutions and Gen-i.

Once you know what Appreciative Inquiry is and its methodology, you will have the opportunity to actively learn about application. Please bring notes on a "stubborn" workplace project and be prepared to explore the project and Appreciative Inquiry solutions with other workplace participants.

You will leave this intensive one-day event with an understanding of the concept, methodology and applications of Appreciative Inquiry. You will have experienced an Appreciative Interview and have a basic understanding of the types of questions to ask and how they are structured. You will know how other organisations have used Appreciative Inquiry to meet their challenges head-on, and by extension how you can use Appreciative Inquiry for similar challenges.

In-house workshops can be arranged at times, venues and dates of your choice.

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