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key Career Management Workshop:Change the Job or Change Youself?

Do you; 

      Feel stuck in a rut?

      Want to discover and develop untapped or hidden talents?

      Want to create a fulfilling life and not simply earn a living?

      Want to explore yourself and find your purpose?

Then this workshop is for you!

In this programme Rachel will guide individuals through a process of finding greater clarity about their work and career, focusing on a clear path towards satisfaction and fulfilment in their work.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, this workshop aims to enable you to make a positive difference in making your working life better and in doing so, notice how this positively affects those around you.

Learning outcomes you can expect to get from this workshop:

  A personal career management plan

  Discovery of your unique purpose

  Inventory of your strengths

  Tailored work choices that enable you to find meaning, satisfaction, ongoing fulfilment and                      significance.

Rachel’s approach in this workshop is to use individual, interactive and fun exercises that utilise the left and right brain, conscious and unconscious thoughts where most of our own innate knowing and creativity lies. 

This will assist individuals gain insight and breakthrough in achieving their personal goals.  

This course is available as an open course - dates TBC or can be run inhouse.

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